File 1394069424929 KB, 800x533, tu95 9.Ipa Anonymous UTC 8 No.20289981 Replies A soviet bomber is for sale on eBay. We can use it to fly to the clank grounds ca TU Bomber 121288805711 Anonymous UTC 8 No 20284126 Intredasting Anonymous UTC 8 No Replies Does it stil airworthy Anonymous UTC 8 No 20285574 Replies  20705596 File 134075912044 KB, 220x232, zera mask.png  ask a girl out on a date pick her up at home start driving  oh this is nice car anon, where are you gonna drive me  HA, THIS PIECE OF SHIT BITCH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW*  hahaha what  get to the airport pull up to my fucking TU 95  anon what the fuck  NOBODY ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM HAS SEXY SWEPT WINGS LIKE THESE BEBY   well. gosh anon, you didn't tell me you were pilal, are we going to see the city lights or the stars  yeah something l
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