I get asked to do voice notes as Kuvira a lot, and it seems like folks are really down today. Barring making me say anything I disapprove of, anybody have any requests Maybe one day I'll do a bigger batch for charity, but right now, lets do some for a smile on a dark day 335 Ret 4.4K 759 shadzmgamez doubt you will ever do this. Hnnngh. Bataar, I'm trying to sneak around Republic City, but my robot is dummy thicc and the clap of its ass cheeks keep alerting Korra Kuvire's Robot is Ournmy Thice the fer ZELO Imade this requesl Zelda Williams  zeldaw Your, uh, wish is my command Can we get more voice actors doing stuff like this  Can we get more voice actors doing stuff like this  memes
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