So you want a case huh Hows does one the best FEAR AND CORRUPTION. Va THEY FEAR AJ STYLES The corrupt agenda Mol and Co. run is a cancer to IFW How the hell does Adam Page beat AJ Styles Some could it was a well deserved win, others say Ad Styles got screwed, and believe the latter A while back I said I didn't know the answer to a lot of questions, this being one of em', but everything is clear now the best do not always win in this company. There's a plenty of examples of this in IFW, you just have to open your eyes, and be willing to accept the truth. So Gallagher, what do ya detective skills say about all of this I already know what you'll say NOTHING. gi All your cases are basically a whole lotta fluff with a few silly points. Face it, you just do not cut it to be part of the IFPWMania
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