It's a shame to see your fall. 5 isn't great and I'm displeased with the democrat but but was hundred times worse pythonik isn't great and I'm it Trump was a This one should have stayed in the drafts. Fucking yikes Fe What the fuck are you talking about Imfao DieKurzeKatze The anti mask rant was rough but the frustration was understandable. This, on the other hand, isn't okay. Figure yourself out, or stop claiming to be an egalitarian. st 16 You see this This is my issue with the modern left. It's become a cult where the slightest disagreement is met with vitriol and dismissal. Why do people who profess to want to unite the working class and have a full fledged revolution act like this How do you intend to ever convince anyone to join you if you can not handle disagreement Truth is it's be

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