*Come on Kara show Mommy what the good doctor's did for you.  Stop calling me Kara That's not my name My name is kyle  Oh sweetie, we already had this discussion. Kyle is a boy's name. You're not a boy anymore. You're a girl and your girl's name is Kara. do not want to be girl want to be the way w  You lost that priviledge, Kara. Remember You didn't respect any of Mommy's things. You violated them. Mommy asked you to stop, but you didn't. So Mommy took it upon herself to fix the problem once and for all. Thanks to Mommy you're not violating anything anymore.  I do not care hate this want them to undo it I promise I won't touch your things anymore  It's too late for that sweetie, she said. They can not undo what they did. They made a permanent change, and you're going to be a girl now. That
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