Effectiveness of Family Planning Methods Most Reversible Permanent How to make your method Effective Implant Intrauterine Device Male Sterilization Female Sterilization most effective procedure or wo  Wasectmy aparsop procedure, ittle or nothing to do or remember. Lessthan T pregnancy Vasectomy and per 100 women na year hysteroscopic sterilizatio Use another method for 0.05%*  LNG 0 % CopperT 0.8% 0.15% Injectable Pill Ring Male Condom Female Condom Withdrawal 21% Patch Diaphragm Injectable Get on repeat injections on me. Pils Take a pill each day. Patch, Ring Keepin place, Use cortedly every time you have sex. 129% every time you have sex. 6 12 preqnancies per woren ina year Condoms, sponge, withdrawal, spermicides Use correctly every time you have sex. Fertility awareness based methods A
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