Wise Zoska of the Black Lagoon, through the fire and the flames, do we carry on Through the grind of life we encounter nothing but pain and suffering. Through the gauntlet of fire and brimstone we grow stronger. In the end all that we have gone through ends with eternal peace. But noti. shall remain here. watching. Retarded Zoska of the murky puddle, why are you gay GodsHear4130 Oh Godsheart. Your insults bounce off my gelatic hide. For your insults carry no weight. Only malice. Pathetic. Stupid bitch lan already entrapped in the trenches. Waiting for the night of Mon to assist my Scottish German friends. Oh zoska of the wise can you play with me Nibblebrix Oh wise Zoska of the Black Lagoon, why is it that do not have more hands to beat up minorities bungeegum The more hands you have. The
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