One Like Me Irn HUNTERY One Answer Fav Game  Fav Flagship  least Game  Fay, Flying Wyvern , Recent Game .  FaviBird Wyvern First Weapon  FayBrute Wyvern  faviWeapon  FaviElder, Dragon  least Fav Weapon  Rav Subspecies  Recent Used Fav Variant  fanmade Weapon  Fav'Deviant  Fav Monster  Fanmade Monster Jyrutodus is my least favorite monster. It's so unoriginal and manages to rip off both Lavasioth and Baroth. Complete waste of a monster.  Jyrutodus is my least favorite monster. It's so unoriginal and manages to rip off both Lavasioth and Baroth. Complete waste of a monster memes
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