Anonymous I Guys, I'm melding. be me talking to this chick asks me what think about trans rights It'sShowTime.mp4 start discussing it, she says her opinions, I tell her mine going better than I expected all of the sudden she tells me I'ma bad person wtf.jpeg ask her why she tells me that well Anon you're an idiot and do not deserve an opinion is this bitch serious  tell her I do not dislike her because of her opinions, it's a human right to have an opinion, having a different opinion is normal, and should be respected get blocked Well that went like shit, I am angry, need to vent to another girl I like. mention it in short tells me she's sad I think like this please convince me I'm not crazy to think transgenders are vile Frankenstein creations. Their  redpill me on transgenders 20 REPLIES
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