First we and invite the poor little guy into our dis Literally where the fuck do you nutjobs get this bullshit tombestig Dude can dm you the post, you were the one who posted it, you keep denying but we all know it's true, dm me Deeptrumpintel From you, still remember the that got leaked of you using a stuffed otter toy Deep Trumpinte Literally didn't. You're such a schizo that you're fucking hallucinating shit now jombestig What the fuck are you on about I do not fuck stuffed animals, I do not own any stuffed otters, and I do not record of myself tombestig 8, just dmed you proof lol }eepTrumplntel rap set, now comes the big tombestig Does this make you horny Plz tell me I gotta know Fuck off dumbass believe you meant to say Get otter here memes
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