Octopath Traveler Boss 29 Tyrannodrake DO NOT recommend taking this boss on this early. However if you're feel insane feel free to tackle it now as you can see Traveler Boss 28 Throne Guardian in the fallen Kings side stor by far the most is guy ha by far the most H It of th Octopath Traveler Boss 27 Behemoth Optional One f the optional bosses with no real plot or major Octopath Traveler Boss 26 Black Knight End of Chapter 2  The t battle of chapter 2 and what a doozy it is. Triple ks, Locking weaknesses, and doing a lot of damage. Th Also lost my mind and took out an endgame optional boss fight early in octopath traveler  Also lost my mind and took out an endgame optional boss fight early in octopath traveler memes
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