Cash Price $1502.97 Rent to Own Charge $1653.17 Rental Period 14 days  of Payments to Ownership 26 Amount of Each Payment $121.39 Total of Payments $3156.14 Condition New Ok so like, here's the deal I tried buying my new computer with one financing company, and they cancelled my order out of nowhere likely because just moved and hadn't changed my billing address yet and their customer service is being pretty slow about working with me on it, in fact I think they mean not to at all. They told me someone would call me later and it's been over 12 hours since they said that. So I'm considering getting it through another financing company, but they're gonna charge me $1650 for getting it rent to own, which is more than the cost of the computer to begin with. What do y'all think I should do  get
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