Autumn Mizer fe Ors LIE PM When was 17 I went to Planned Parenthood. I had no money or insurance. I was living on my own and couldn't even afford tampons. They gave me a long lasting birth control that still works today, and stopped my period. They didn't charge me. When I was 21, just 2 months ago, I left UC after being told there was a high chance I had late term cervical cancer. Every place I tried to go to wanted to charge me up to $1000 for testing. I went to planned parenthood. Being in a bigger city now, they had to escort me in the building, while protesters screamed I was a murdering bitch. They threw stuff at the building. Insulted us. And I was there for a cervical exam. I had to be buzzed in through 4 separate doors. All this because they cant go a day without getting a shootin