STAIRS I've seen 2 different ways people have suggested watching star wars but I dont think that those dont help get new fans to fully grasp or get into it as others who have seen them religiously. There is the chronological watching order and watching it how they came out order. Watching it as it comes out has surprise as Darth Vader says hes Luke's father while you cont get the full effect of Anakins arc when he helps defeat Palpatine. Watching it chronologically does the opposite. You alrdady have, Luke. I thinkthe best way for newcomers to watch them would actually be watching 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6 Just talking about the original and prequel movies . I know it sounds crazy but if you look at it, it allows for the suprise of Darth Vader announcing who he is. Then developing who Anakin is and