Stitution cal CLASSIC MOM'S LASAGNA FOUR CHEESE RAVIOLI SPAGHETTI MEATBALL Crumbled Meatballs  and  Sausage, Ricotta, Pesto Alfredo Sauce 16.99 Marinara or Meat Sauce Marinara Sauce 16.99 SPAGHETTI  and  MEATBALL Marinara or Meat Sauce Marinara or Meat Sauce 14.99 FETTUCCINE ALFREDO TAYLOR STREET BAKED ZITI Herb Roasted Chicken  and  SPAGHETTI Italian Sausage, Pomodoro Sauce, Asiago Cream Sauce Marinara or Meat Sauce Marinara or Meat Sauce cal 13.99 Italian Cheese Blend 14.99 16.50 I do not eat over 1500 calories a day and when we were ordering the server for our table decided not to mention they had gluten free options, only after all the food came out for my family did she mention it. Kinda pissed, random post. Pretty much all their meals were this many calories memes
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