Man sues neighbor he paid to get his wife pregnant but failed after 72 attempts. Paid To Do It, But Fails To Make His Friend's Wife Pregnant After 72 Attempts In Stuttgart, Germany, a court judge must decide on a case of honorable intentions in a situation where a man hired his neighbor to get his wife pregnant. It seems that Demetrius Sou polos, 29, and his former beauty queen wife, Traute, wanted a child badly, but Demetrius was told by Tho a doctor that he was sterile. So Soupolos, after calming his wife's protests, hired his neighbor, Frank Mom, 34, to impregnate her, Since Maus was already mar ried and the father of two chil dren, plus looked very much like Soupolos to boot, the plan seemed good. Soupolos paid Moms $2,500 for he did the job and for three evenings a week for the next s