Figure 1 Welcome to Flat Earth A Gigantic ice wall 1 surrounds the earth Game of Thrones style Arctic in the Center North Pole is the only Pole Sun and Moon revolve around a flat plane Earth is surrounded by a dome. Like the Truman Show Sun Moon Orbit Sept. March Sun Moon Orbit December Sun  and  Moon Orbit June Ns Pic quatot pic of Webster NALL tall miles around Temp pet  f ANT THE SUN TRAVEUING AT MPH AT HE SAME IN THE MIND OF IS THEIMPOSSIBLE EVEN POSSIBLE Chicago skyline proves flat earth Joshua Nowicki photographed this picture according to Science. ft high. Joshua Nowicki taken from Stevensville, Michigan at the shoreline of lake Michigan looking towards Chicago He shouldn't have been able to see this due to the curvature of the globe Earth Chicago is about 94 km 58.4 miles away from
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