Artur Library of Ohara THANKYOUODA newworldartur So not sure if you've heard, but someone at Shueisha has decided to copyright strike and threaten a massive amount of Twitter accounts for just sharing images related to One Piece as a franchise. They even copyright striked my own profile picture. Are we we joking SHUESSHA ine. conveys ntormation and mions each through many forms he preted wor As one of Japan leading pubishers. pubicatons encompass a wede range of subjecs and gonres, tom MANGAscomic and entertainmart magazines to erature at, and reference Books. I, the uncersigned, CERTIFY UNDER PENALTY OF PERLURY tat am an agont authored act on of.coo whose excusve copyrights are being intinged. The infomation inthis notice is accurate The wotkin queston copyrighted Japanese Manga artwork o
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