STEALTH SUIT MK II GF This should be easy. As long as I do not screw up again one was ay can start again at the I bet no one has ever been as unnoticed as me I'll miss you Do you like me bad. We hit a tripwire Running low on Med x Do not you like me any more Ue're okay on Stimpaks. Please take this. I do not want you to die Okays I'1l go auay. Take this. it will help. Starting combat Just kidding Did I do something wrong This will k you on your feet Maybe you'd be better off with an Auto Doc suit You're my best friend forever Does that feel better Will you love me if I help you hide Nobody ever notices me but they notice the Pip Boy light. We were never alloued to blow the robots up before. Cheating gives me such a thrill Hello. It's nice to meet you. Who can I hide you from today Tfw no

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