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The Gender Cheating Gap is Wider Among Older Adults % who reported having sex with someone other than spouse while married 30 25 24 Men 20 16 Women 15 10 10 18 29 30 39 40 49 50 59 60 69 70 79 Note Based on adults who are either currently married or have been married before. Source General Social Survey 2010 2016. 26 24 6 70 79 80 Institut for Family Studies meme
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Reddit during the week leading up to Valentine's Day Starter Pack Who's ready for another lonely Valentines Daaaaay  Venting Ba  Posted by u day Being Single During Valentines Day Starterpack 53,686 points  gou are cordially invited I  I TO MY I Who 892 else points here is 1,286 going comments to be alone submitted 12 for months Valentine's ago Day and to why PITY PARTY by Singles Valentine's Day Megathread 892 points * 1,286 comments submitted 12 months ago byI Oito NETFLIX How are you able to manage the constant fealing of lonelinass in the Valentine's week  IR points  04 Lay ay bs Lonely redditors, how are you gaing to be spending Valentine's Day Hew are you Kow are yeu iing this valentines day if you are single 25 puints 70.c0mm ninoited 3 oxy2 292 by ate yasinsaat Single people of Rec
Anonymous No.62223298  62223610 File Ronald McDonald waving.ipg 35 KB, 318x275  62220463 OP  Mom takes me to McDonalds Go inside the play castle, all exited while waiting for burger Climb around for a bit See through a window in one of the overhead crawI pipes the burger has arrived Where I came from is suddenly blocked off with plastic wall as if the entrance never was there Start bonking on the window screeching  Stop bonking those windows, boy I hear behind me in a Morgan Freeman like voice It's Ronald McDonald, laying on his belly staring me in the face with his signature smile Almost too large for the crawipipe  Those windows might break, and you can fall  He winks, and pulls a delicious looking box of chicken nuggets from nowhere  You want this sonny boy  Look around for exit Say can