Russies police arrest thousands of pretesters demanding Alexei Navalny' Fortes 1.8K views 14 minutes ago Russia arrests lawful proteSterS by the thousands. America won't even arrest lOOters or even though we're fully capable. The time will come when this comes to America. call only for peace, but it's always the lawful that get punished, not the criminal. Just like gvn restrictions. are better than antifa  and  others who disrespect law  and  order, but there must be some form of resistance.  Just like gvn restrictions. Patr ots are better than ant fa  and  others who disrespect law  and  order, but there must be some form of resistance memes
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Why do bash dead beat dads for not being there for their kids but we never question if the child has bad vibes Or if they're just unpleasant to be around AM  Twitter for iPhone sadiq SadiqoJN Replying to SadiqoJN Very disappointed with the replies to this thread. Attempted to spark an open discussion but people just wanna be mean Om om ss s776 memes
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Hexxies O Qaoaymens think was choss and he was fust he whells Jokes aside, this is kinda true. He probably knows how to manipulate people and strategize, but he's not really guided by anything than what he thinks is best for people at the time not principles. So when it all comes to reading the room and the people in the room he surrounded himself with are retarded and cringe, he's not gonna be as based as he seemed in in the room he surrounded himself with are retarded and cringe, he's not gonna be as based as he seemed in 2015 16 memes
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