Times have changed. The part of the government that has been corrupt has finally taken over most of the country and it is now time again for the people to set it right. This country stands for Peace, Freedom, and Liberty for all, but now the hard working Americans are being slowly oppressed and many Americans have been taught to believe that the government can do no wrong, they now outnumber the remaining people who still believe in what this country was founded for. Time to wipe the slate clean and start again memes
You can discover the weirdest things digging into your family history. For example Apparently, I have a great great uncle who was cursed by a witch after stiffing her on the repayment o one dollar loan. Why he borrowed dollar from a witch in the first place is not recorded. e I also have a great grandfather, a beekeeper by profession, who's alleged to have spontaneously combusted one day while tending his bees. As far as I can tell, these events are completely unrelated the two men are on different branches of the family tree, and never met but I can not help but imagine that somewhere out there there's a witch with unbelievably bad memes
Version Mission Failed Realistic Battles, Operation Mozdok. Winter 1943 No Respawn My results Player statistics Awards Battle Tasks Battle log Chat history Battle Tasks My place in the team 1  and  wing to wing  Air Targets Destroyed 6 53,424 Enemy Kill Assist 1 40088 F 4C Phantom Critical hits 3 2,6768 9.4829 10.76 Hits 7,565H Researching progress 2 P3905 Famed 5,6109, Battle Time 428 6,3008 but all modifications have Activity Time 428 been researched modifications have Reward for participating in the mission 2,4109 Achievements 38,5508  and  Total 5,610% 112523% Modifications research Vehicle research ,1220 Time Convertible RP 56108 Save Replay View highlights To Battle To hangar Squad a se memes
RESIGN OR FACE IMPEACHMENT Demands for charges, consequences mount over bombshell report Cuomo covered up COVID deaths 14 Democrats in NY Senate want repeal of Cuomo's emergency powers Celebrities who once gushed over Cuomo now silent amid scandal memes