IRREGULAR COHORT Medium Ooze Shapeshifter, Chaotic Neutral Senses Darksigh Languages Challenge Changeling, The regular Cohor is consideree creature types for the purpose o spells. Such as turn undead Change Shape The leregular Coh action to Palymorph into a Small medium or large creature form, with CR 6 or less, or back into its true form. The lregular Cohor's health stays the same in each form. also retains the changeling ability Irregular Fire Comrade and the immunity Acid Cold Fire and slashing regular Cohor's Comrad The hit regular points Cohort into may any number of hit points to spit into another lrregular Cohort. doing so causes the Irregular Cohor's maximum hit poin that many. afterwards zezond Ireeg, appears creature in an empty its own square initiative next and to acts it. t
Spoiledchestnut Alien You shouldn't eat that. Human What Alien That thing. Do not you know it's extremely acidic Enough to cause eventual deterioration of your flesh Human i's a fucking pineapple. hornygold Alien But that thing contains bromelain, it'll destroy your body's proteins Human Not if digest the bromelain first. Alien Humans are insane Not if I digest it first is an official human motto, in close competition with not if I pet it first The aliens in these scenarios always seem so concerned for our well being, even in situations that we have evolved to face or adapt from. It's pleasant to imagine that our species is like Jackass incamate and aliens watch on in horror and just want us to be alive and okay BO Source spoiledchestnut 95,298 notes meme