Subscribe The Atlantic IDEAS I Miss the Thrill of Trump Without quite meaning to, Trump reminded journalists that their relationship to power should be adversarial. ALEXANDER NAZARYAN GOO AMET Covering the administration was thrilling for many journalists, in the way that I imagine storming Omaha Beach must have been for a 20 year old fresh from the plains of Kansas. He hadn't signed up for battle, but there he was, liberating France. France, by the way, is where Trump called American soldiers who'd fallen in combat suckers and losers. When this magazine first reported those comments, Trump's supporters denounced the Atlantic story as preposterous and offensive, even as outlet after outlet confirmed the reporting, They failed to realize that the preposterous and the offensive were the twin
The Eiffel Tower gets about 6 inches 15cm taller in the heat of summer do not sleep pen The total weight of all ants in the world is about the same as the weight of all the world's humans The average person will walk the equivalent of four times around the Earth during his or her lifetime Black cats are considered bad luck in the U.S. but good luck in Japan PASSPORT United States Only 20% of Americans have passports We There are more chickens than people in the world up almost of he sales Almost half of the people in Manhattan live alone Ea about million times The iPad 2 would have been the world's fastest computer in 1994 OR Women blink twice as often as men About 97% of the water on Earth is undrinkable. 70% of red meat eaten worldwide is goat meat 2% of a person's body mass but requires Sally, Then Sally Kohn sa ykohn I do not like violent protests, but I understand them. And those wagging their fingers against violent protests need to read up on their American history. 12 25 ticr Sallky, Nowrs Sally Kohn The mobs storming the capitol right now are neither patriots nor revolutionaries. They are traitors and cowards, trying to upend our democracy by force because they fear peaceful change and not getting their way. 06 meme
MLB released a plan Friday for two Triple A divisions, and three divisions each for Double A, High A and Low A. Forty affiliates were dropped from 2019, the last season under the old minor league system, and the remaining teams were offered the 10 year licenses in December. All 120 accepted by Wednesday's deadline. The leagues have not yet been named. Major league owners, Commissioner Rob Manfred and his staff have not decided whether to retain the traditional names of the leagues, such as the International and Pacific Coast at Triple A, the Eastern, Southern and Texas at Double A and the California, Florida State and South Atlantic, which had been at Class A. For now, MLB is calling the minor league groupings Triple A East and West, Double A Central, Northeast and South, High A Central, E
I Anonymous I 307708326 ago eee ITS OVER No stimulus, 600,000 dead from covid under biden administration, admits he has no plan, admits economy will continue to tailspin, invades north syria, American tax dollars subsidizing  green  energy in third world countries, 70,000 dollar rolex, continues to talk about MUH CLIMATE change aka more taxes 116.6 kB JPG and pointless spending under the guise of environmentalism, what am I signing here  , wants to bail out hedge funders, takes money from China, wear 5 masks goy , vaccinate prisoners before citizens, warmongering after Iran, overflow cities aka more cages for brown people, wants to resettle 1.4 million refugees in the US, canceled keystone pipeline, says it will take ten years for job market to recover, tet cities for illegals in Texas. IT
Friendly reminder European far right growing stronger laughing at Americans Europeans AM 07 Jan 21 Retweets 1,478 Quote Tweets 179K Likes They're afraid They're afraid meme
Keep Your Rifle By Your Side but it's playing during the Second American Civil War views 7 months ago SK 79 Share Download Save SUBSCRIBED PRIMECULT 265 subscribers Comments 1.1K When a satire patriotic song song for made real life. for a game becomes Upx patriotic song for real life. Mane these people need the hose  Mane these people need the hose memes
Ain'tchuu Ty. YouTeeWhy Whoaaa I ain't know Kamala Harris had a white husband KJ Hunter KJTheloker  So we not gone discuss Kamala Harris white husband or we ain't see it  I'm just asking so know which one of y'all AKAs not to trust SS SSS ts Kamala Harris having a white husband for me Beyonc AmerisLove 10 short dogg ozinacut Jan 16 just realized Kamala Harris got a white husband smh, I shoulda voted Trump ist SenKamalaHarris has a white husband just thew a rock in the African American community face always go with your people just ashamed of KamalaHarris meme
By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he's more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans memes
Chris Caution political statement ahead. What happened at congress is tragic and sad. But let's not get distracted by division. All you will hear from politicians and the media will be about division. Trump vs Biden. Republicans vs Democrats. Black vs white. Rich vs poor. The problem are career politicians that think about themselves instead of those they are supposed to represent. Just look at the covid stimulus bill as a recent example. Signed by both sides and yet does little for the American people but helps them, corporations, and foreign countries. It needs to be Americans vs corruption. Term limits are needed. The longer we allow them to keep us divided, the further our great country falls. Let's focus on our common bond we are Americans From that common bond, we can work on our di