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Ins de Castro Had Royal Blood In Her Veins, But The King Hated Her Poets, playwrights, and painters have depicted the tragic life of Ins Perez de Castro for centuries. She was born the daughter of Pedro Ferandes de Castro sometime between 1320 and 1325. Her father, a lord, was an illegitimate grandson of Sancho IV, King of Castile, Spain, also known as Sancho the Brave. But the noble blood in de Castro's veins made no difference to King Afonso he considered her illegitimate and unfit for his son. To complicate matters, de Castro was a lady in waiting for her cousin, Infanta Constanga of Castile. In 1340, Constanga traveled to Portugal to marry Dom Pedro, Afonso's son. The marriage was supposed to bond Portugal and Castile, making peace between the warring states. Pedro ruined his father's
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