My Nose Knows An Anti Semite THUFFPOSTI When It Smells One Ann Brenoff For those who do not speak code, I am Jewish. Ann Brenoff is a HuffPost Senior Reporter. She works out of the Los Angeles office. Prior to joining HuffPost In 2011, she was on staff at the Los Angeles Times. By Ann Brenott memes
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Follow jerrytrainor  jerrytrainor Marvin, I'm going to Idaho. Stay off the internet  Los Angeles cameo.comijerrytrainor Joined April 2008 106 Following 1.7M Followers Tweets Tweets  and  replies Media Likes jerrytrainor  jerrytrainor th Jeez Guys Thank you for all the birthday love  It's overwhelming, I'm sending you all virtual hugs and high fives Tonight No one eats my enchiladas but ME  100 Deploy the birthday likes of you watched iCarly  Deploy the birthday likes of you watched iCarly memes
Toni mcbride Los Angeles, California RESERVED ooay 12,999 likes toni mcbride Damn tie bar making me looking like a soup sandwich This job isn't always easy but it's the best job in the world more But yeah, anyways, fuck the co I mean BACK THE BLUE   But yeah, anyways, fuck the co I mean BACK THE BLUE memes
Bruce Willis Reportedly Asked to Leave Los Angeles Rite Aid for Refusing to Wear Mask Alex Galbraith January 12, 2021, pm Image via Getty Bruce Willis was reportedly asked to leave a Rite Aid in Los Angeles for refusing to wear a mask. Live Free or Die Hard Live Free or Die Hard memes
Bruce Willis found himself at the center of much discussion earlier this week after he made news for refusing to wear a mask inside a Los Angeles Rite Aid. According to the initial report, other customers in the store became upset that he wasn't wearing a mask, especially since he had a bandana around his neck that could've been pulled up to calm the situation. Willis was asked to leave the store by an employee after not complying with the mask policy and left without purchasing anything. Willis has not addressed what happened in a new statement to People, which you can find below. Why is Bruce Willis even in a Rite Aid to begin with lol. Sad he's this kind of person. Why is Bruce Willis even in a Rite Aid to begin with lol. Sad he's this kind of person memes
Los Angeles Times POLITICS McConnell won't be majority leader. But there's still plenty he can do to obstruct Sen. Mitch McConnell R Ky. , left, soon won't be in control of the Senate anymore, but expect him to try to impede Sen. Charles E. Schumer D NY. , right, who will take over as majority leader. J. Scott Applewhite  Associated Press By DOYLE MCMANUS WASHINGTON COLUMNIST JAN. 13, 2021 4 AM in Last week's yes, it was only last week  qualified as life changing MEWS who knew that if the chamber remained in Republican hands his ambitious agenda would be brought to a standstill. But still faces an obstacle  and it's still the hard to control U.S. Senate. Republicans no longer have a majority, and in the 50 50 Senate, Vice President to be Kamala Harris will be able to cast tie breaking vote
In statement to E News, the Aquaman actress attorney Elaine Bredehoft confirms her client has yet to fulfill the $7 million pledge she made to Children's Hospital Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union, citing financial reasons. Amber has already been responsible for seven figures in donations to charitable causes and intends to continue to contribute and eventually fulfill her pledge, Bredehoft explains. However, Amber has been delayed in that goal because Mr. Depp filed a lawsuit against her, and consequently, she has been forced to spend millions of dollars defending Mr. Depp's false accusations against her. I didn't donate the money, because can not afford lawyer fees even though I'm the one with steady work and still making millions I didn't donate the money, because I
Photo via latimes Los Angeles Times  latimes Times hour ago Fired Mandalorian star Gina Carano lands a new film deal Actress Gina Carano, who was dropped from the Disney series The Mandalorian and was banned from future Star Wars projects, has a new gig. She doesn't need saving, she's got a great gig with Ben. Conservatives looking out for one another, unlike the dark side.  She doesn't need saving, she's got a great gig with Ben. Conservatives looking out for one another, unlike the dark side memes
Arecent subpoena from the Johnny Depp legal team discovered that Amber Heard withheld millions from the * Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. ny Depp Amber Heard reportedly millions from a children's hospit. wgeles but a recent subpoena revealed she memes
FAX  FAX  FAX  FAX  FAX  FAX CHICK COREA PRODUCTIONS, INC. 2635 GRIFFITH PARK BLVD. ANGELES, CA. 90039 Phone 213 660 5976 Fax 213 660 9 March 24, 1995   Total Pages 1 TO Pete Emmons The Blue Devils FROM Chick Corea Dear Pete, Lwant you and all at the Blue Devils to know that I was absolutely blown completely away the other night when finally got around to seeing he the Spanish Heart of the Blue Devils in the winning competition from last year doing the Spanish Heart program, swear Gayle  my wife and the singer on Spanish Heart cried sweet tears all the ought way sratulations to you. the corps and the whole team there. tecl much dedication 1, and emotional nd marehiny ke a dream and A thousand honored to have impact The rhyt the horns were el trifying, Wow Anyway though belated, my feelings
Rotice are investigating an overnight explosion at a suburban Los Angeles church By Artemis Moshtaghian and Alaa Elassar, CNN Updated PM ET, Sat January 23, 20214 CNN  Police are investigating vandalism and an explosion at a church in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County on Saturday. you get a heckin wholesome explosirino for not supporting gay rights bigots  you get a heckin wholesome explosirino for not supporting gay rights bigots  memes