10 People PM done it was a poor job Bathrooms Lounge area. I have West and Cloud here that said it didn't look clean. I came in there was gum smeared on the carpet. Pieces of trash all on the floor. I wouldn't make this shit up. It didn't look like vacuuming was done. Hardly anyone was in here. If it was Under my desk there's trash and dirt Grayer That's weird that colon said it do not look clean bc when we were there he said it was clean and asked if we could leave ww Topher Mr.Frodo Please learn to read it says Cloud not ere  clan Tommy Gun Thomas Regardless, we were all in there for half an hour. I even broke one of the vacuums vacuuming the front area. Sgt. Rodrigues meme

Great sense of female empowerment Gotta love what the left is doing to the place. Really screams equality. Oh and btw, this just proves men are stronger than women. They're so much better than women, that when a man becomes a woman, they slaughter them in physical sports Good luck girls, you got a mans title to live up to now sucks to suck. Tara Holden 4hrs Thoughts Lauryn Brison Fe at Fallon, a transgender MMA fighter, has now broken 2 female opponents skulls. When is enough, enough You're essentially a man who's beating on women and people are celebrating it she was named Bravest Athlete in 2020 . I said what I said memes