Anime memes

Clearance Level 05 tem 177013 Secure. Contain. Protect. ObjectClass Kater pot Special Containment Not Procedures All physical copies of SCP 177013 are to be stored in a locked titanium vault at the bottom of site 23 wrapped in opaque plastic wrap, only to be removed for testing. All instances of SCP 177013 1 are to be held in normal human containment units with access to internet board to quell their memetic urges. Description SCP 177013 is anerotic doujinshi by author and artist published from July of to November of It is described by SCP 177013 1 as depressing, gross, and in rare cases, pretty hot. One of SCP 177013's primary anomolous effects is to enduce vivid nightmares over the first fourteen hours after becoming SCP 177013 1. It is recommended to keep victims awake during this time