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Cookhingottheday Bonsai apple tree growing a full sized apple A perfect balance of extremely impressive and completely ridiculous ea aprillikesthings are DETERMINED. My parents planted a of an apple tree, and that first year it grew ne apple. And the whole thing was bent over from the Apple t g of an apple tree, and that first year it grew weight of it. It had one job and by God it was gonna Go it CA korrigu she did such a good job I'm so proud meme
Cubano fuego 14 minutes ago edited Lifeline needs to be reverted gibby sheild needs a nerf, horizon tactical needs to have a bigger cooldown, caustic needs to be reverted, wattson fences need to do more damage. Mirage tactical is still useless. Loba needs to be able to grab banners from her black market, and her braclet should not have end lag, or it should be 15 seconds cooldown. Revanent totem should have range again. Rampart should be able to carry sheila and shoot with it, but only 150 ammo. Octane should be able to give a 20% speed boost to teammates after a rez for 3 seconds. Pathfinder needs 20 sec grapple. Crypto shouldn't be able to be scanned by bloodhound or other cryptos, make it his new passive, call it off the grid. Wraith does not need another nerf at all. They just need to
15530 Q nasa plans to send monkey to sun ALL NEWS IMAGES SHOPPING Mi NASA Announces Plans To Launch Chimpanzee Into Sun The Topical. The scientific community is calling the monumental mission a crucial step forward toward better understanding how species react to being deposited into the sun's 27 million aegree plasma core.  podcast nasa The Topical NASA Announces Plans To Launch Chimpanzee Into Sun on Apple Are you fucking kidding me No  Are you fucking kidding me No memes
The Babylon Bee Guide Have Biblical rh Give him an apple to Stand outside her her to eat and plunge the window with a boom box human race into sin. playing Michael W Smith. At tat Yo Compare her to various farm animals. Work for her father Bring her several for 7 years and for her then father hundred foreskins her Fig Leaf Lingerie marry her sister. from your vanquished Pop out of bush in front T. Murder her husband Murder her husband of her house and telher that Summon she bears defend her honor. and take her you id be together to defend her honor. into your h harem. you should be together your harem memes
Yesterday I went to Applebees's for their 2 for $20 special, and noticed someone in military fatigues get his meal for free. I asked my waitress, who has tits, why this was the case and I I had to pay for my meal. She said they offer free meals to veterans, which I found ridiculous. My great four years in office have made me far more deserving of a free meal than this veteran. So I went up to him and he said he was honored to meet the president. In a brilliant distraction, I asked him what triggers his PTSD and as he was tearfully recounting stepping on a landmine, I stole his meal. He then asked why I was taking that, and I responded eminent domain and tossed him two nickels. He was honored and said this was more than being a soldier paid. Anyway i think Im being impeached todav. maaga me