Basing decisions around what other people tell you to do . hmmmmm okay answer me this question. Before March 2020 just how many times in your life had you worn a mask Let's say your spouse or child for example had a cold. Would you have popped a mask on to go out to the store You started wearing a mask because you were told to wear one. Just like I did and everyone else did. People in Asia have been wearing masks for decades. Have you I do not remember the issue of who masks protect ever been in doubt. Obviously they protect other people. Not sure why you think that is a valid point. The common cold and Flu are also shown to have very high rates of asymptomatic infections. While certainly not as deadly as COVID they can still kill people. So with this in mind, do you feel guilt for not wea
Fiona  Is now based gog Unpopular opinion Sushi has been whitewhased into a degree where it has become colonizer's food. I won't cancel you for eating sushi, ofc. But keep in mind that you're culturally appropriating asian culture if you eat it. bella  cbtge anti R3DSTO  how to eat sushi Show this thread 29 yuna  ENDCITIES  are u asian gen Fiona  Is now based gogyismyhero Replying to ENDCITIES i'm latinx so it's pretty much the same thing meme
The Washington Post Democracy Dies in Darkness World Africa Americas Asia Europe Middle E World Leaders in Mexico and Poland look to curb power of social media giants after Trump bans Google which is Skynet is currently being fought by anarcho primitist gang  Google which is Skynet is currently being fought by anarcho primitist gang memes
{https  www.theglobeaI Go AuG 80 captures 08 De 2018 fl 2020 Everyone was silent, endlessly mute' Former Chinese re education instructor speaks out NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE  ASIA CORRESPONDENT BEIJING PUBLISHED 16 HOURS AGO In this file photo taken on July 13, 2018, Sayragul Sauytbay sits inside a defendants cage during a hearing at a court in Zharkent, Kazakhstan. RUSLAN IMAGES People didn't dare to speak even a single word out loud. Everyone was silent, endlessly mute, because we were all afraid of accidentally saying something wrong. She did not personally see violence, although she did see hunger. Detainees had only three kinds of food rice soup, vegetable soup and nan bread. There was no meat. There was never enough to eat. People were malnourished, Ms. Sauytbay said. EES tome NEWS Asia Ch