51% youdontknowgg profile 420 days 317 total smiles of memes Are Pitbulls Aggressive A Data Review You can thank this circulating image for this post. The image above doesn't include a source, but I'll frame my response under the assumption that it holds a substantial degree of accuracy to it. 1 According to a 2013 study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, valid breed determination is only possible for slightly less than 18% of dog bite fatalities between 2000 and 2009. Reported identification of the other 82% should not be trusted. This means that most studies on dog bites, particularly fatalities, by breed are faulty and contain bad read inaccurate data. 4 % 2015 study found that 1 in 5 dogs with heritage are visually identified as non nit hulle while in 2 dane ACKING nithull
15965029 1823782704528885 2088726311223753541 n.jpg 130 KB JPG Story time folks Be me Trump supporter Trump sign outside to trigger mostly millennial college near by Constantly getting run over and pulled out Think of idea pic related  Plant nails and wait One day a woman comes to my door Fat, purple hair, 23 at most, red at the face and starts screaming at me about how it's my fault her tires are flat OhLordMySides.exe She says if I do not reimburse her for her tire she'll get the police involved Sudden Idea Tell her to leave her information so I can send her the check since I would need to go to the bank Actually does it Call my lawyer to set up the lawsuit Get my outside cameras to see her running over my sign Give her name address and car tags to confirm it was her car Take her to cour
All CC Network PM 100% a 181 comments C He was awful. Worst medical fault. We were already in a recession Too many comment unsmiles ok DE DaCk LO direauy like several other countries currently. Trump said it was ch nas fault so i blame them Tested a theory and let's just say this person doesn't do research and likes to bait a lot of people  Tested a theory and let's just say this person doesn't do research and likes to bait a lot of people meme
You'd think I'd get used to people indignantly denying plain reality such the fact that the siege on the Gapitet was led by QAnon followers and supporters but their insistence on living in a fantasy world of their choosing is still so strange. Mo Brooks RepMoBro Sh Please, do not be like FakeNewsMedia, do not rush to judgment on assault on Gesitol. Wait for investigation. All may not be and likely is not what appears. Evidenc Show this thread 29 708 Travis View travis view Before yesterday no one ever even attempted to deny that Jake Angeli, the Q Shaman, was a Anon follower and Framp supporter. He was known in the community But the moment his existence becomes inconvenient to world people suddenly decide, en masse, he's BLM 42 575 and memes
Chaside game or anime character Yourself bonus points if a family Your pet member or friend is included Locate Neukeal I Faye Neavtsea Carloon avatar of avatar of Arandom pic from Google Cartoon character Not ail II Chadio Bvil Default pfp solid color AX Popular intiuencer celebnty Whatever tf these are meme
Why is COVID 19 such an issue in some areas and a slight inconvenience at most in others Why is COVID 19 such an issue in big cities Well it's quite simple Widespread poor hygiene. Cross referencing the cities most effected by COVID with cities that have the highest homeless ratios and it's obvious. These places are slums. Breeding grounds for pests and diseases. But this is not the homeless fault. They aren't choosing not to maintain hygiene, they have no choice. These slums have no running water or electricity, so staying clean becomes difficult. They were forced into this life after being broke for nearly a year due to COVID lockdowns. In a bitter twist of irony, the cities with the harshest measures against COVID became COVID hotspots as a direct result of said measures memes
1,351 comments incident the accusations very much ruined his reputation, sad that he was forced to do what he did after his following win to avoid any more of the same issues. MMAChecker 26 He did assault her tho. Pulling her closer was not necessary and he needs to be prosecuted so this kind of stuff does not happen in the future again. Jo salmanaligm Too many comment unsmiles R of en ir ok till guiity. youre da wuittan uren ats you're innocent until proven guilty and then still innocent. OR Bread2004 Double bow, that is often an apology in Asian culture. The adrenaline after winning a fight also a huge factor in why he did it Do ph nA say something 17 TUNNY memes
This is the most accurate take on multiplayer gaming I've ever seen Traduire depuis une source en anglais just bees ause Allies Valeur it is my fault allies Valeur and don 2108 05 avr. 18 Democrats Hopefullyyournewbff meme author removed this comment OP just proved they're a Democrat and  OP just proved they're a Democrat
NEW BARRETT. 50 CAL WORLD RECORD 6 SHOTS in UNDER 1 SECOND on HIGH SPEED Jerry Miculek HD, Draw, M16, 50 Bmg, Gun, Ar15, 47, Weapon, Slow Mo Guys, Hickok45, Barrett M107, Shotgun, Ruger, World Record, Ar, Battlefield, Ak47, Ps4, M4, High Speed, Smith And Wesson, Slow Motion, Handgun, Call Of Duty, Reloading, Firearms, Slowmo, Colt, Miculek Com, Ak, Miculekdotcom, Firearm, Rifle, Reload, 50 Cal, Shooting, Fpsrussia, 15, Speed, Barrett, Barrett 50 Cal, Jerry Miculek, Pistol, Desert Eagle, Ault, Full Auto, Slow Mo, Battlefield 4, Guns, Ratedrr, Miculek, Fps, Tactical, Fast, Barrett M82, Quick, Sports
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James G. Napoli JGN Paleo There's not much positive to say about the events of this week or Cotylorhyncus, but on this FossilFriday it's worth noting that there's no evidence that Cotylorhyncus ever participated in a seditious assault on the democratic process. But I guess it's impossible to rule out memes