All of us at Ford are very grateful for Ken Block and his bringing the thrill of Ford Performance vehicles to a whole new generation of car buyers. He did it in ways that were uniquely Ken with fun, energetic and extraordinary driving exhibitions that were unmatched in the automotive world, along with important victories and performances in rally and rallycross worldwide. Ken, thanks for 10 great years of Hooning. FORD PERFORMANCE After weeks of trying to make Ford look good by racing the Hoonicorn against clearly slower cars. Ken Block and Ford split. After weeks of trying to make Ford look good by racing the Hoonicorn against clearly slower cars. Ken Block and Ford split memes
It was harder to get the headliner out of the cab than to remove the entire interior must have had a SPED moment when did the math for how much material I needed to recover the roof of the Ranger because I ended up with the amount of material I needed Durr. Since have to buy more anyway, why pull the whole god damn interior out to only do one thing when shipping costs more than the material Do not know if you've noticed, but I'm a bit of a fan of Burgundy. The store also happens to carry velvet in that color. I bought a test piece from Walmart and managed to get it looking decent, so now the truck is going to be full It looks significantly better irl vs pics, didn't bother finishing it because I made a few mistakes and am pulling it off anyway. click to enlarge image Automotive Crushed Vel
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A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE optional at For the Cadillac Sixty One FIVE PASSENGER Coupe deli tax, optional equipment and accestories extra, White sides Prices and speci} puromAic, OPTIONAL ce subject to chan sT TRA ur ones AT YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING INCLUDING AUTOMATIC GEARSHIFTING HOW TO SQUARE our incomes with our natural desires for all that's new and that's a problem confronting most of us, But it needn't net whor it comes motor cars because the new, louxpriced Cadillac solves this question completely Powered by the mightiest and thriftiest Cadillac engine ever built. appointed by Fleetwood's matchless artisans equipped, at your option, with Mane Drive* and adorned with motoring's finest name, this splendid car sums up all automotive progress to date. Prove it Try a Cadillac with Hydra Mati