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Style Avatar Karma Reddit age 6,009 UR TOP DEFINITION 6009 The year of which 100% of mankind won't be virgins anymore. Hopefully. Dude 1 It's 6009 now, you're still a virgin Dude 2 Yes Dude 1 Well, wanna fuck We can both lose our virginity together if you want Dude 2 Fill me with your cum then bv TheSecretVirein69 April 01. 2018 memes
Avatar Kyoshi Facts She was abandoned as a child and grew up on the streets. She was bullied and had very low self esteem. Her mother is a rogue Air Nomad and her father is an Earth Kingdom outlaw with deep heritage in theater. She inherited her fans from her mother and her make up  and  headdress from her father. She has freckles and her make up is oil based. She has extreme physical strength and has been very tall since childhood. She was discovered very late as the Avatar Her outfit is lined with chainmail armor. She is a clean freak and loves organizing things. Source The Rise.of Kyoshi meme