02 de ll 23 % 320k 4230 Share CULLAVLZYVYUTT il  4 Awards As a mental health specialist in Europe , the only thing I can say right now is a message to the mods If you're reading this, the last thing this guy needs are reasons that might actually risk pushing him over the edge. Aside from the few bad apples around here, the rest of us do not want something bad happening to him. Shut the thread down pronto and reach out to the poor guy. Do something. Please. 2 more replies ArtofAngels S 13 Awards Someone with money make this comment stand out. Poor guy. Edit btw I want OP to know that in the picture I think he went from typical mirror selfie douche to cool guy I'd hang out with, seriously looks more approachable in the after picture despite the lack of smile. The edit people hate but whateve
Your penis as been in your mom longer than your dad's has My mental Health Ak 60 it, Share BEST COMMENTS xDARTHKRATOSx Awards Well, let's do the math. The penis doesn't develop until the 7th 12th week of pregnancy, we will use the earliest of 7, the average pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, which means your true, formed penis is inside of your mother for 33 weeks, which is 231 days, 5,544 hours, 332,640 minutes, or 19,958,400 seconds. Which is no where close to how long I've spent inside your mom Reniv memes
Join denied my Trump supporting Father a proper burial My Trump supporting Father died on I was the estate executor, so I had him cremated against his wishes. I donated my of the estate to Planned Parenthood. His ashes are sitting in the garage, and waiting for a proper garbage day. t 40 Share award At least the Nation isn't divided anymore because racism is solved.  At least the Nation isn't divided anymore because racism is solved meme
Reward for winning  120%, 67% My results Player statistics Awards Battle Tasks Battle log Chat history All Squad Mine 159 LOTW mincingchipOi Centurion Mk.5 AVRE destroyed 144AG  Destroyer 04 T106 FA 159 Award Base defender  LOTW Award mincingchip01 Centurion Mk.5 AVRE destroyed Comrade Sufferin JPz 4 5 Award Tank Rescuer meme
ES 14 awards Martin Luther King, Jr. said, If you can not fly then run, if you can not run then walk, if you can not walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. What are your life examples of this 333 it, Share JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD memes
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