Taylor Winter iamtaylorwinter  Replying to ShonePatrol What do y'all want from us Imfao 34 102 3465 5endi  To stop praising a war criminal who murdered innocent Middle Eastern and North African babe 22 181 5,342 Titan BoyHonky Tbh. Idgaf, he was the first black president and not the worst president, he ain't the only one who has committed murder and won't be the last. Taylor Winter iamtaylorwinter Just ignore the weirdos Lmao  Lmao memes
My kid has started to write stories and like, no lies, they're funny as fuck anneuhken actual dialogue  to your battle stations, boys it's time to line up and see who's tall enough for the roller coaster to hell  some of us may not survive this, but the ones that do will get the ultimate reward paid. anneuhken here's a penny for your thoughts, and a quarter to not tell me them BABE memes
Do you think Khajiit get the zoomies like normal cats do do you think a khajiit will get up at like 2 am and their spouse is like babe everything ok and their just like yeah this one just has to run like 4 miles right now. iwilleatyourenglish you're just having a normal conversation with a khajiit and suddenly their pupils dialate as they enter the Silly Zone memes