Sign in the gym bathroom says Masks must be worn in all parts of bathroom, including showers. Wondered about that for a whole, finally asked one of the employees I'm friends with if that was laws being retarded, and he was like Nah, pretty much we were just bored. Bored employees drive the wheels of history memes
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.nitethekitten of the most satistying things Love boopin those toe beans Icn71 True story This morning, I was ahem sitting on the toilet ahem and Queso stuck a paw under the bathroom door. It was within reach, so I booped it. What followed was the sound of a large black cat leaping back in abject terror and falling down the stairs. What followed THAT were TWO black paws shoved under the door with a mrrrrp. krystal prisms Cats are so dumb, I love them Source carolinescommissions 50.059 notes tl memes
Yo I just saw someone running away from the bathroom with a new phone and some guy with his pants down chasing after him. ColdLasagna69 iss Some retard stole my phone while I was dropping a fat one and now I'm commenting this from my cock. IWannaFuckBlobby 177 I just stole this dudes phone while he was shitting in a bathroom IWannaFuckLily 339 memes