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1. Do you sleep with stuffie 16. Favorite color 2. Do you have o Caregiver 17. What is your zodiac sign 3. How many stuffies do you have 18, Describe your ideal little date 4, Favorite time of the year 19. Build a Bear or Disney stores 5. Favorite Disney 20. Do you participate in petplay What animal 6. Favorite little space sweet candy al. Do you have a biankie 7. What do you do while in little space 22. What is your age range 8. Stuffies or blankies 23.00 you have any furry babies pets 9. Favorite animal 24. Favorite tv shew 10, Coloring or drawing 25. Favorite Favorite hobby 26. Favorite Disney character 12. Favorite Disney movie 27. Favorite tv show character 13. Favorite little space snack 28. What do you eat when it's snack time 14. Do you use a paci 29. One thing you want gear. 15. D