Big Sis's Present Pt.ll Mmmmm, God you're so little. Sis laughed as she nuzzled my hot bulging cock against her cheek, Hmm I've had bigger from my boyfriend butt awwwwww, She let out a cute squeal, It's just, *poke* it's so non intimidating, so cute, so submissive. She stared me up as my head was propped up on the pillow, H how does my size make me submissive  She gripped the shaft with one hand and started to rub the base, Well, I've known you for quite a while little brother. And, you couldn't even stop a little girl beating you up So this. She licked my tip, Is all mine to devour, ahehehe. She snickered and opened her mouth wide before going straight down, devouring me. N nya  She gripped my thighs, Mmmmm so goods, she sucked herself back up and nibbled on my tip licking around the unde
There is a Chinese MMA named Xu Xiaodong. He is known as the man who brought modern MMA to China. He criticized tai chi as a very inefficient fighting style, especially compared to modern styles. The Chinese government took this as him criticizing Chinese culture. The government censored his social media, forbid his public transport and even his FACE. He was forced to paint his face if he were to be allowed to publicly fight a tai chi master in order to prove his claim. He also went under attack by many other people who claimed that he was a fraud and any tai chi master could beat him. Needless to say, he was 100% correct and destroyed the tai chi master in the ring. We in America are almost at this level of blind censorship. PrimitiveBone South China Morning Post China's censorship of Xu
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