A soviet soldier training his backflip tomahawk throw. Imagine being some poor German child who has been conscripted in 1945 and the last thing you see is fucking chad Ivan 360 no scopeing your ass with a tomahawk while doing back flip with enough vodka in his system to kill a bear 44 meme
Pot 1. Cara Dune had Fans Furious Over Cara Dune From The Mandalorian And Other ewoprs exinss Female Characters In Stat c Dee 3,201 e an Cara Dune Triggers Outrage By Being Female in Star Wars imagine if halfway through Die Hard, john McClane met a buff snarky woman that beats him up, then starts doing everything cool for him. Wouldn't that be better CaraDune is feminist agenda The Mandaloran Episode Woke carbage New plan, give me the pulse rife is scared by the ATST. He hands his gun over to Cara and The Mandalorian Episode 4 watches her single handedly taking it Review I Woke Garbage down. He comes afterwards to throw F 4 pathetic grenade at the already defeated Walker nO oNe cAILeD cArA aN sJw   nO oNe cAlLeD cArA aN sJw memes
SOCIAL DISTANCING means being 6 feet apart from one another. THE AVERAGE BUT DON'T LENGTH USE REAL OF TIGER A FOR TIGER 6 FEET. BUT DON'T USE A REAL TIGER FOR MI IEASUREMENT. Keep at least 6 Rhinos 40 feet between you and a tiger. BUT DON'T USE REAL RHINOS EITHER.  es memes
At one point in the feud, three ieCoys were being escorted to jail after killing a Hatfield. During this escort, they were kidnapped by Devil Anse Hatfield and his posse and brought back to a little hellscape known as Hatfield territory. There, they tied the three MeCoys to pawpaw trees and shot them point blank, firing 50 bullets into the three men memes