Please review the latest science of Masks. You'll learn of viruses go through masks. If you believe in this approach, please get a HazMat suit. You'll also learn Masks are likely harmful to your Oral Health  specifically, your Oral Microbiome. Dr SHIVA presents Masks  Oral Health A Systems Science Approach JOIN. COM Masks and Oral Health meme
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You just vaguely said tons of fact checkers. I'l gladly wait for an example. FuneralThirst Give me an example. Show me an example of somebody being banned simply for being conservative. FvneralThirst Do some research dumbass. Its not my responsibility to show you what is easy to see You seriously can not be that blind. Unless its by choice duckhuntert028 duckhuntert028.  If it's so easy to see, you should have no trouble Give me an example. showing me. The burden of proof is on you, my friend. FyneralThirst You made the claim. Do not worry, I'l wait. I'm quite patient. FuneralThirst Literally did. Go look for yourself if you arent too blind. Happens all the time. duckhunter1028. Goodbye retard duckhunter1028 This may be hard to believe, but he blocked me after this. Shocking, I know meme