Birthday memes

Cory Bemardi corybernardi Good to see these seven active Michigan voters are all older than the oldest person alive. Heck, one was born in 1850 Happy 170th birthday Nothing ToSeeHere TheMiracleOfMichigan FULL NAME BALLOTADDRESS SPOILED BALLOTS AIKEN, JUNE A STOMY LANE RD, JACRS NULL BRADLEY JAMES 19227 REYSTONE ST APT 20, SPOILED BALLOTS BRADI WILLIAM CHENSLER OR, OETROF NULL 1902 BROCK, RODERT JOSUIN ST, NULL BRYOGES, OONNA L WY DECKER LUDING NULL DANIEL, JASON LEMONNE RACE ST, FUINT, NULL SAWEA, ALICE G GRAVTRAN QD, GRAND NULL memes