Thu No.307631245 CF4D3493 7A0A 4165 8143 1EB94044B1A2.jpg 111 KB JPG White people truly do think blacks are lesser humans. Think about if a 40 year old white woman did this. She would be destroyed for her stupidity. She would be an endless object of ridicule and even hatred. Now look at when it happens to a 40 YEAR OLD black woman. People are reacting as if a baby got into bag of flour, or a dog got caught in a sticky trap. Their immediate reaction is compassion. As if a stupid, helpless creature got itself into trouble because it just wasn't smart enough not too, so you can not really blame it. It's as if White Americans and liberals in specific, inherently believe that blacks are stupid, helpless creatures. And the white liberals subsequent messiah complex is why they react like absolute