Anonymous No.18861749 be a medival peasant engaged to the most beautiful blonde in the village get drafted into army she promises to wait for me make lots of friends, fight beside them a wizard joins, dude is a total dick but looks prettier then the prince, bitches swoon and he ignores them kills allies with collateral damage, give no fucks gets away with it because his services are needed badly yell at him for being a dick, call him a permavirgin, tell him he will die miserable and alone etc he claims that leaming magic brings more happiness then a family ever could, we shout at eachother all night long win war, lose all friends, heart broken return home, wizard insists on coming along find out that my fiance married a ritch merchant fucking devastated, country facing an economic crisis b
Blonde Eskimos or Blond Eskimos is a term first applied to sightings and encounters of light haired Inuit then known as Eskimo peoples of Northern Canada from the early 20th century, particularly around the Coronation Gulf between mainland Canada and Victoria Island. Sightings of light haired natives of the Arctic have been mentioned in written accounts as far back as the 17th century memes
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Comments 16 I  Post a comment month age Let me get this straight  this dude is cruising the country in a van and fucking a gorgeous, sexually talented blonde girl every day Fuck my life. Report 29 Hide replies Evil7525 1 week ago At last you are live in usa I am worse than you lam iranian Report Reply memes
January 21, 2021 at AM Storytime as the annoying tick tockers would say. Back in first grade me and my 2 other friends got into a fight, and the blonde one flipped me off surprised and not knowing what to do I did that same later on we got in trouble by our teacher, she was really mad at us, and o do not remember if it was me or the blonde one she was talking to because the third one was crying. But she look at one of us and had the guts to say, why aren't you crying. Btw all three of us are girls. The end know I sound like an annoying tick tocker but I have no one else to tell the story to. Sorry  I know I sound like an annoying tick tocker but I have no one else to tell the story to. Sorry memes
Not one person who advocates against welfare has been censored. Literally not a single one. PlatinumBlonde That you know of, cause their posts are taken down. Also I do not really care about this kinda stuff, I just like having two sides of a discussion, so you're not in an echo chamber, so I do not exactly have too much research to debate Remember the theory that speech precedes affects beliefs is 99% a conservative trait.  Remember the theory that speech precedes affects beliefs is 99% a conservative trait memes
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To From Joe love you so much that actually it reminds me of a Story you know, sit on the stand and it'd get hot. got a lot of  got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. love kids jumping on my lap. And love you even more than that memes