Gore  and  Self Harm What it is Content that contains images of death, serious injuries, blood, wounds and self harm. Note Gore from films and tv shows will be evaluated like they were real. A. Do Post 1. Hardcore Gore Images and of dead persons or people dying. 2. Animals Images and showing dead animals, animals being killed or seriously injured. 3. Wounds Images and showing blood or bleeding. Serious Injuries Do not share images or where people receive a serious injury, likely resulting in death. Self Harm Photos and of self inflicted injuries. 6. Weapon Creation Content cannot teach users how to make weapons, such as bombs or homemade guns meme
Prepare thy axes, children of Odin, for the time hath come } awaiteth you POSTED Become a real Viking and set sail with this premium Dying Light bundle fe ER SS Who said Vikings did not fight zombies They'd better get their facts straight because there seems to be ps Harran. The deep has washed up a Norseman. What Norseman  you'd ask. Why. you, of course And you've better. After all, what are some zombies compared to what you've already been through Wars, bloodbath, pl Harran surely is just yet another place you'll conquer. And we're going to help you. Bruhhhh They put pagang in Dying light  They put pagang in Dying light memes
I'm taking a small break from Yakuza to play Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 because sale and I've heard good things about the reboot series. I tried playing Blood Money when I was a kid and I couldn't get into it because child brain. I will get back on Yakuza 4 soon though and give my thoughts on that, 5, 6, maybe 0 if I get it on sale and then go through the series as a whole. ry Reminder that anime Mikasa still looks like shit meme