Women will literally go to therapy instead of learning everything about ancient rome p.m.  30 Dec. 20  Twitter for iPhone Mungeon Daster Voted For Biden  Bad Bonobo Replying to parentiVEVO I've noticed a correlation between fetishism and males. The two seem to flock together. Something about the supposed superiority of western males and the idealized patriarchy. Fuck ancient Rome anyway, Greek philosophy did it better. Follow Mungeon Daster Voted For Bitten  Bad Bonobo soy boy, s, trekkie, DM, gnome enthusiast, Critter, Dan Avidan's beautiful thumbs. AC 17, HP 28, 9 attack BLM Wear condoms, abort ur babies meme
As a boy you were weak, and a failure. As a woman I you are still weak, but I submissive, and men love to be with you. Here you are waiting for your hot boyfriend to take you out on a date, you know afterwards you'll kneel down in front of him and thank him for dinner. He'll make you his little slut and you'll love every minute, every inch of it. You'll start by wetting his member with your mouth, tickle the balls between your fingers. After a while you'll feel his hands on the back of your head pulling you closer and sucking every inch into your throat until you gag on it. It might end there with his cum flowing like a firehouse onto your still perfect makeup. Maybe it won't end there, and he'll pick you up and throw you onto his bed. You'll spread your legs for him and moan with every th