Instead of death ra LETS LOOK AT COVID SURVIVAL RATE Here's the percentage of world population that have NOT died from COVIDI9 UK BELGIUM SPAIN ITALY BRAZIL AFRICA AUSTRALIA USA CHINA INDIA 99.972% 99.944% 99.956% 99.957% 99.935% 99.997259% 99.99669% 99.954% 99.99967% 99.9935% DATA SOURCES WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION I JOHN HOPKINS COVID RESOURCE CNTR MIKIPED meme
Yuna Uzumaki I'm sorry I do not know how to speak Japanese is that I'm from Brazil DAVI NOGUEIRA BORGES PINHEIRO please, try to read my name, I'm from Brazil Samguinalio br I From Brazil Julia Mota sou brasileira unfortunetly cant see they in live living here in brazil im brazilian ahaha Katryel Rodrigues am from Brazil could you send a message to us Chenque KAI hola  hello moranguinho i'm from brazilian Mr Teddy try to guess which country i am from MrToddyn yes brazil MrToddyn HOW A Brazilian heading to a stream so they can tell everyone they're Brazilian memes