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Custom Smash Stages based on Mario Kart Tour New York Minute Stage RS46M39N Takes place in Central Park. New York Minute Stage ID KHL7RHK4 Takes place in Times Square. Water geysers lift manhole covers. New Vork Minute PARK Stage ID L95D1H38 Takes place in 30 Rockefeller Plaza's parking garage. Takes place on the Rainbow Bridge. Toky Blur 2 Sk place on Blur Takes place on Shuto Expressway. Paris Stage ID SKPBW27qS Takes place at Jardins du Trocadro. Stage ID Takes place at the London Eye and Big Ben. London Loop 2 StaeellD SMXREEBO Takes place at Trafalgar Square. Takes place at Vancouver Olympics cauldron on Suspension Bridge. Los Angeles Laps Stage ID KHLQOPHO Takes place at Santa Monica beach. Berlin Byways Stage GHNXXY Takes place in the Bahnhof. There is currently no Berlin Byways 1 T
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Tastefullyoffensive So I just started driving for uber and Lyft and I've been getting a lot more compliments on my music since generalizing my passengers by of these playlists Playlists Edit Heady bros 14 songs white dudes who look like they like rap songs basic 20 S0s 24 songs 30 songs Ww quiet ppl 21 songs POC 16 songs king hipsters songs WM early 16 songs early fem 18 songs via teejus thegaybean in case y'all wanna follow these playlists bros white dudes who look like they like rap basic 20 30s quiet ppl o POC hipsters o WM early early fem there are many other gems on this dude's account unrussledjimmys ATT AM 7 3 Tweet As I I got into my Lyft home from the airport, I glimpsed my driver scrolling through his phone and selected a playlist titled, White Male, Late 20 and all want is to se
Dean, what's up bro NS What's the matter with ya bro I thought we were the of bro's yet you do not want me to mention our friendship today NOT cool at all bro ww You seem very stressed and angry bro, I would offer you a bro nut, but ran out of em plus you do not want want me sharing my goodies with you. Ya know Dean, Barney would be VERY upset with you bro You do not want a history lesson either Got the thing just for you my bestest bro in the world Bros and Bro dettes I present to you all BRO NOUNS Now we all know all bros LOVE to talk, but in these hard times in the Bronited States of Bromerica, people tend to get offended easily. I'm here to help though Step one in Bro nouns , check their bio If it says that's a progressive bro If it says that's a bro dette not a chocolate My Bro nouns