The Buccaneers embody Tampa's love of pirates. Is that a problem By Jamie L.H. Goodall February 5 at AM CT How brutal outlaws became romanticized A view of the pirate ship Jose Gasparilla ahead of Su per Bowl LV Mike Ehrmann Getty Images On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV at Ray mond James Stadium in Tampa  the first time a team has played a Super Bowl at their home stadium. And the Buccaneers name and logo are a true reflection of the city hosting the game, trumpeting its close association with pi rate legends, like Jos Gaspar, namesake of an annual Tampa Festival. When the National Football League expanded memes
DID YOU KNOW AMERICAN VETERANS FOUGHT TYRANNY AT HOME IN THE BATTLE OF ATHENS In 1946, American WWII veterans organized an armed revolt and used rifles to overthrow brutal politicians and police, in order to ensure honest elections. After authorities locked themselves in the local jail, veterans suspicious of foul play gathered weapons and exchanged fire from across the street. The authorities surrendered and the citizens nf Athens, Tennessee set up their own government memes
Nightwing once trained an enthusiastic young man named Wing who was determined to make a difference, but his brutal methods soon led him to unknowingly murder an undercover FBI agent. Nightwing defeated him and sent him to jail shortly afterwards memes
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LET'S TALK ABOUT GENDER EQUALITY Women are brave if they hit men Men are evil, brutal perverts if they hit women Women are romantic if they suddenly kiss men Men are perverted if they suddenly kiss women C Women staring at men's crotch it's flirting Men staring at women's breasts it's perverted and offensive Let's spit the bill She is independent Let's split the billt He is cheap It's just a mistake if women go into men's bathroom Men are perverted if they go into women's bathroom fat Women doing work Help me Men doing work It's natural Police I Sne Fotce J my crotch Police } wno eares fol, Police He touched my breasts SO memes
But my day. Omilll. My day. So i ordered an uber at 930 in the mornin and they cancled like 4 mins before my pick up time. Soi had to get another uber but for like 10 mins there was none in the area. Then the closest one was 25 mins away. When i finally headed to work there was a cinamatic crash. It was brutal and it happened just a few cars ahead of us. The uber driver told me that if i ever needed a ride scheduled to call him and he would make sure to be there on time. So he gave me his card and i used it to have him take me home. Then he gave me a joint someone else gave him. And went to the store to pick up a lighter and then asked to take me to a bar then he tried to hug me touched my booty and said i was thic So this was my day how was yours So this was my day how was yours memes