Red beret Pizzacutter sword A  cool Red beret Belt count Obligitory arm bandage Semi ahoge Four Clover pin Big shirt cuff, but no sleeve Giant coin shield 4 Leaf Clover Gauntlet right hand only Black ladybug Delicious pizza Yellow overalls Ripped up reminds me of Kamina Gran Grimoire Knee nickels a magic book Rolled up pant cuffs or are they just shorts  Some sort of ankle Normal, funnel nonpizzacutter sword steammaus High heels You cannot name a more ridiculous character design thetallblacknerd WTF Kingdom Hearts OC is this one of the characters for final fantasy tactics advance apparently. squeenix what the fuck memes

BAT FRIENDLY TOWN TURNS RED AT NIGHT WASTE ED Waste Ed This Dutch town is glowing red for light sensitive bats At night, streetlights with specialized LED bulbs cast a red hue that preserves conditions critical for the well being of bats and other nocturnal creatures. Bats can barely see red light if at all, compared to traditional artificial lights that disrupt their night activity. The lights are energy efficient and save electricity with dynamic dimming and scheduling, and also do not attract bugs as much as traditional lights. Bats are most active at night, and they play an essential role by pollinating plants in our food system, dispersing seeds, and feeding on insects. Let's take care of the only mammal that can fly meme