We BUILDER X NBA ATTRIBUTE STARTING POTENTIAL FINISHING Close Shot 25 Driving Layup 94 Driving Dunk 25, Standing Dunk 25 SHOOTING Post Control, 80 Mid Range Shot 2 80 Three PointShot 2 90 75 Pass Accuracy 67 Ball Handle 25 80 PLAYMAKING Speed With Ball Interior Defense 50 DEFENSE REBOUNDING Perimater Defensoh 25 Steal 65 Block Offensive Rebound 25 74 Defensive Rebound 25 PHYSICALS Speed Acceleration Strength OVR Out of 95 badge meet Attribute requirements. POTENTIAL POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS Set Your MyPLAYER's POTENTIAL POS PF I HT 6'7 I WT 210 Ibs I WS 6'11 Individual Badges become available as you BADGE I memes
Name Feruki Age 19 Alright subbies, help me build a character Main idea royal servent whos been abandon and needed work. Taking a position as a servent in a royal family. Though she was treated poorly. Almost never given a break or time to eat or sleep. Working 20 hour days and doing her best. Other ideas a servent who is deeply depressed a royal maid who is put up as a potential wife for the prince. a futanari maid who has to hide her secret or she will be greatly punished I have some other small details but id love to hear everyones ideas memes
VP BUILDER NBA ATTRIBUTE STARTING POTENTIAL FINISHING Close Shot Driving Layup FINISHING 25 25 90 OVR Set t ou My PLAYER R Driving Layup 25 m 90 OVR e ou r POTENTIAL Mid Range Shot 25 m 90 Out of 95 Three Point Shot 25 POS SG I HT 6'7 I WT 193 lbs I WS 7'0 Free Throw 25 80 Unlock Badge Points through gameplay to upgrade the badges in each category. Individual Badges become available as you PLAYMAKING meet Aibute requirements Sa gO SHOOTING Pass Accuracy 25 Ball Handle 25 80 Speed With DEFENSE Ball 25 REBOUNDING 86 POTENTIAL 1 8 POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS I 0 POTENTIAL BAOGE POINTS 1 0 POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS BADGE POINTS BADGE POINTS Interior Defense 25 78 BADGE POINTS Badges Available Badges Perimeter Defense 25 m 90 Steal 5 70 Available Bad
Benghazi I U.S. Capitol Radicalized mob attacks U.S. Radi mob attacks U.S. Government Facility Government Building Help arrives with several hours Holp arrives with several hours of delay of delay Mob overruns defenses Mob overruns defenses American lives lost and 5 American lives lost and injure dozens injured Republicans insist on 33 hearings te oth committee Investigations I to just Republicans want move on to just move on memes
Ninecraft 1.16.4 23 fps T inf vsuncfancy fancu clouds B 2 Integrated server  26 ms ticks, 3 tx, 1463 rx C  s D 18, pC pU  3 ab Client Chunk Cache ServerChunkCache S197 ninecraftioverworld FC aZ  1400.214 98,0008 2791.908 Block 98 2792 Chunk 2 in 88 6 175 Facing west Towards negative S8.1 2.99 Client Light 15 sky,  block Server sky,  block 39 97 ML 97 Biome Local Difficulty 3.42 33 289, M 76, 154, AL 15, 8, Sounds   Mood Debus For Pie help press TPS Caltiihidden For help press  dave 1.8,6 51 Mem 26% Allocated 160% 66 CPU CoresTM i7 18516U CPU 18 Display 1366x785 UHD Gray 9.6.9  Build 26.26.108. Targeted Block  1411, 98, mineorarty muc minecraftenderman hold minecraftmushroom grow b Targeted Fluid  1411, 98, minecrattel memes
Wendy Williams Confesses She Spies on Her Neighbor While He Showers There's an apartment building across, and the man takes showers, she said. And the shower is right there at the window. And I watch.  When heard you were looking at people with binoculars, I thought it was about passers by, Seth continued. But I feel like what you're doing now is like borderline criminal. Wendy casually replied, peep and I tom. meme
More information about the Sack of Baghdad from Wikipedia Contemporary accounts state Mongol soldiers looted and then destroyed mosques, palaces, libraries, and hospitals. Priceless books from Baghdad's thirty six public libraries were torn apart, the looters using their leather covers as Grand buildings that had been the work of generations were burned to the ground. The House of Wisdom the Grand Library of Baghdad, containing countless precious historical documents and books on subjects ranging from medicine to astronomy, was destroyed. Claims have been made that the Tigris ran red from the blood of the scientists and philosophers killed, 37llbetter source needed Tales of the destruction of books tossed into the Tigris such that the water turned black from the ink seem to originate fr